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    Video shows Target collapsing in West Virginia as hillside slips away


    A Target store in Barboursville, West Virginia has shut down for a “prolonged period” after slipping hillside caused it to partially collapse.

    The store was initially closed on Feb. 2 when the hill first slipped, according to local media outlet Eyewitness News and the company called in structural engineers and utility workers to assess broken water and sewer lines on the property. However, it received major damage Wednesday morning due to further slipping overnight.

    While the cause of movement remains under investigation, Target told Eyewitness News the store was expected to be closed for a “prolonged period” of time. Target did not immediately respond to USA TODAY’s request for comment.

    Water supply limited

    Barboursville Mayor Chris Tatum told WSAZ last week that other businesses in the plaza will continue to be operational and are not believed to be in any danger.

    However, water supply to the area has been limited, as per Eyewitness News as authorities investigate the slipping hill, causing hinderances for other businesses in the area. A West Virginia American Water spokesperson told the local media outlet that the initial slip on Feb. 2 damaged its water main. Portable toilets have been set up nearby to facilitate businesses in the area and their customers.

    Tatum said three homes behind the Target store received voluntary evacuation notices from Target, before Wednesday’s slip. The company also offered to cover the relocation costs for the residents of those homes, according to the mayor.

    Tatum added that the perimeter and roadway behind the building also received significant damage.

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    Plans to demolish back portion of store

    Barboursville Police Chief Daren McNeil on Thursday told Eyewitness News that Target plans to demolish the back portion of the store.

    No timeline was immediately available on the demolition and when the store could reopen. Chief McNeil could not immediately be reached for a comment on the situation.

    In an update on Wednesday, Tatum said outsiders were “invading the neighborhood” and said that Target is “trying to keep people safe”.

    “Law Enforcement will be diligent in extra patrols, but please give these people some privacy and the construction teams room to work,” wrote Tatum on Facebook. “The safety of all affected is the number one concern.”

    Saman Shafiq is a trending news reporter for USA TODAY. Reach her at and follow her on X, the platform formerly known as Twitter @saman_shafiq7.



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