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    Kanye West latest: Rapper now accused of praising Hitler as JP Morgan ‘locks account’ over antisemitic tweets

    Fox News hosts forced to make on-air U-turn over support for Kanye West

    A former TMZ staffer said he was unsurprised by Kanye West’s troubling antisemitic language recently, claiming the rapper made comments praising “Hilter and the Nazis” in a previous, edited interview at the celebrity gossip site.

    Conservative commentator Candace Owens tweeted a screenshot of a letter that West allegedly received from JP Morgan Chase earlier on Wednesday, where she alleged that the bank was terminating their financial relationship “with no official reason given.”

    “Dear Ye, We are sending this letter to confirm our recent discussion with [redacted name] that JP Morgan Chase Bank, N.A. (The Bank) has decided to end its banking relation with Yeezy LLC and its affiliated entities,” the letter read, noting that he had until 21 November to transfer to another financial institution.

    JP Morgan has yet to confirm the veracity of the letter.

    Footage leaked on Tuesday also showed that West reportedly made a string of antisemitic comments that were edited out of his interview with Tucker Carlson.

    The rapper, who remains banned from Twitter and Instagram for a string of separate antisemitic posts, also made bizarre statements that “fake children” had been put in his home to manipulate his own children.


    Ben Shapiro defends Kanye West’s right-wing politics but rebukes ‘disturbing’ antisemitism

    ICYMI: Conservative commentator Ben Shapiro has defended Kanye West’s right-wing politics while rebuking him for his “disturbing” antisemitic remarks.

    The podcast host, himself a practising orthodox Jew, took to Twitter on Wednesday in the wake of the rapper’s antisemitic comments that have seen him banned from the social media platform.


    Far-right figures champion and celebrate Kanye West’s posts

    ICYMI: While most took to condemning Kanye West after he blasted off a series of anti-Semitic posts over the weekend, the message he championed quickly took hold in alt-right circles where he was lauded as a warrior of “cancel culture” gone awry.

    Nick Fuentes, a white nationalist and Holocaust denier, went on Cozy.TV – a new conservative streaming platform – where he streamed Mr West’s music with the title of the stream being, “DEFCON 3”.

    He also went on Telegram to write a more explicit message of support for the Donda artist, saying, “Kanye is going to be cancelled by the Jews for saying that the Jews invented cancel culture,” Media Matters reported.

    Failed congressional candidate Laura Loomer, who is herself a vocal supporter of Donald Trump and was previously banned from Twitter for making Islamophobic remarks, defended Mr West in several posts on Gab.

    “I’m sure the ADL and Kushner are already on the phone trying to shut Ye down and punish him for his criticisms,” wrote Ms Loomer.

    “Ye does have a point in his posts,” she wrote in another of her posts.


    Fox News hosts were forced to make a U-turn on their support for Kanye West

    ICYMI: Fox News hosts conceded that Kanye West’s post directed at Jewish people was “ugly” and “condemnable”, making a swift on-air U-turn shortly after supporting the rapper.

    Fox News hosts Will Cain and Pete Hegseth along with co-host Rachel Campos-Duffy defended West on Sunday after he was suspended from Instagram for posts that were condemned as anti-Semitic.

    “There is no question that Kanye or Ye was going to have to be taken down after what happened in the Tucker Carlson interview,” Campos-Duffy said. “They had to cut him down.”

    Later, after speaking in his defence, the Fox & Friends Weekend hosts returned to the television screens with a very different perspective after coming to know what he had actually posted.

    Shweta Sharma has more on this story here.


    Kanye West attends Candace Owens’ documentary premiere and poses with Ray-J, Kid Rock

    After a week of nonstop scandals, Kanye West emerged on Wednesday night in Tennessee to pose for pictures alongside conservative podcast host Candace Owens as she premiered her new film.

    The pair were also joined on the red carpet for snaps with country singer Kid Rock and Ray-J, Kim Kardashian’s ex-boyfriend who she released her 2007 sex tape with.

    The 45-year-old rapper was dressed in all-black baggy clothing, tall boots and capped his look off with a “2024” black baseball hat.


    Marjorie Taylor Greene compares Kanye West-JP Morgan cutting ties to 2020 racial justice protests

    Marjorie Taylor Greene delivered a sharp rebuke of JP Morgan Chase opting to cut ties with the Kanye West after another day of revelations about his past antisemitic comments were unearthed by TMZ and LeBron James’s YouTube show.

    “Did any of the people that burned cities & rioted in 2020 get their bank accounts canceled like @catturd2 & @kanyewest? Whether you agree or not with a person, canceling people’s ability to buy & sell based on their speech is political warfare and proves free speech is dead,” tweeted the Georiga congresswoman late Wednesday night.


    Kim Kardashian is reportedly only communicating with Kanye West through assistants, Page Six reports

    Kim Kardashian, the ex-wife of Kanye West and SKIMS founder, is reportedly only speaking with the rapper through third parties regarding the schedules of the pair’s children, according to Page Six.

    “They have had zero communication in several weeks, and all communication regarding the kids’ schedules are now coordinated through assistants,” a source claimed to Page Six.

    That same source claimed that the reality TV star has also been reportedly made “very upset by” West’s recent behaviour, including his Tucker Carlson interview, the “White Lives Matter” tees that he premiered at Paris Fashion Week and his recent antisemitic posts online.


    ICYMI: Jimmy Kimmel skewers Kanye West and ‘fellow white supremacist’ Tucker Carlson

    Jimmy Kimmel couldn’t resist a scathing verbal takedown of Kanye West during his opening monologue on late night after the celebrity became, once again, ensnared in a social media scandal.

    West, he deadpanned, has been “Ye-zier than ever,” Mr Kimmel began. He then read aloud the offending – and since deleted – tweet that earned West a booting from the platform on Saturday night: “I’m a bit sleepy but when I wake up I’m going death con 3 on JEWISH PEOPLE.”

    “Even Mel Gibson is like, reel it in, buddy,” quipped Kimmel.

    Read more of Kimmel’s takedowns from his Monday night monologue here.


    Canadian Jewish advocacy group labels Kanye West’s tweets ‘Jew hatred in plain sight’

    ICYMI: The Centre for Israel and Jewish Affairs, an advocacy group of Jewish Federations across Canada, issued a video condemning Kanye West’s most recent attacks on social media platforms, labelling the posts “Jew hatred in plain sight”.

    “In #Canada, Jews remain the most targeted religious minority for hate crimes,” the CIJA wrote in a tweet on Wednesday. “Kanye West’s recent post perpetuated stereotypical antisemitic tropes. Language like this has led to violence & targeted attacks against the Jewish community.”

    In a video attached to the tweet, the group explains how incendiary comments like the ones West made over the weekend have been used to justify violence against the religious minority in the past.

    “This is Jew hatred in plain sight,” a caption in the video reads after sharing a screenshot of West’s tweet from Saturday night.


    Watch: Kanye West appears to show porn video to Adidas executives during business meeting

    ICYMI: Kanye West has released a video in which he appears to show a porn video to Adidas business executives.

    The rapper, who goes by Ye, released the bizarre 30-minute vlog titled ‘LAST WEEK’ on his YouTube channel on Monday morning. In one clip, he appears to be in a business meeting with five men when he pulls out his phone to show the group a video.

    “Is that a porn movie?” one of the unidentified men asks, to which West can be heard replying: “Yeah.”

    Watch the full clip of the documentary here with The Independent:


    Mehdi Hasan calls out Fox News after video tapes of Kanye West interview unearthed

    ICYMI: Mehdi Hasan took Fox News to task after unaired versions of the network’s two-part interview with Kanye West were unearthed and showed the rapper making a string of anti-Semitic comments that were edited out of his interview with host Tucker Carlson.

    “Here’s a thought: neither the political party nor the TV network that excused or ignored Trump’s antisemitism, Greene’s antisemitism, Gosar’s antisemitism, and now Kanye West’s antisemitism should probably never be taken seriously again on the issue of antisemitism,” tweeted the MSNBC host.



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