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    Health officials call on patients to get vaccinated ahead of fall season

    PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – After a significant drop off in routine vaccines, health officials are finally starting to see those numbers tick back up.

    “Immunizations protect against severe disease, illness, disability, and even death,” according to Dr. Neha Vyas of Cleveland Clinic.

    Despite the slow growth, millions around the globe still need vaccines to save their lives, and in the U.S., officials are urging patients to roll up their sleeves to protect themselves, and others, from sickness.

    There are routine vaccinations that include tetanus, shingles, pneumonia, and the annual flu vaccine that many require. Adding to that list is a covid-19 shot that people, young and old, are advised to stay up to date on.

    And speaking of young, you’ll need to also keep your children up-to-date on their vaccines so that their immune systems can continue to get stronger.

    “Children have a very strong immune response, so the younger they are, the more they can develop a healthy immune response,” Dr. Vyas said.

    She also adds that the coronavirus is a year-round threat and that staying up-to-date on vaccines is the best way to combat it.



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