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    Watch an act of love help a stray cat miraculously beat cancer


    When Debbie Sath came across an Instagram post of a three-legged stray cat in need of a foster home, she never expected it to bring a miracle into her life.

    The cat in question was named Princess Charming. Unfortunately, her story was anything but charming. The unfortunate kitty had lost a leg to cancer and had experienced little human interaction. Doctors gave her six to nine months to live, predicting the cancer would come back.  

    For Debbie, however, it was love at first sight. Immediately, she decided to forego fostering and instead adopted the cat, planning to give her a loving home for whatever time she had left.

    Watch the video above to see how a little love saved Prince Charming.

    “When I got Charming, I didn’t think about myself,” said Sath. “I think my concerns were just her. My focus was just giving her a good life, giving her love, giving her care, giving her a safe place to heal.”

    Every day, Debbie focused on the wins. Giving her new pet treats, making her home feel like a safe space, and speaking to her in loving words.

    After about three months, Princess Charming started coming out of her shell. Slowly, the cautious cat’s personality shone through her tough exterior, and she began to trust her new mom, and even her spunky Pomeranian brother, Cole.

    “She’s getting so much better every single day. I’m so proud of her,” said Sath.

    Six months passed. Then, nine. Then, one year. Princess Charming was surviving longer than anyone thought possible. Eventually, she celebrated more than a year with her adoptive mom cancer-free!

    Debbie credits the miracle to love and a little advice from a stranger.

    “ I met this girl, and I told her about how I had just adopted Charm. She said speak to her. Tell her that you love her every single day and your love can heal her.”

    Princess Charming’s story went viral after Debbie shared it on Instagram, touching many who felt connected to Princess Charming.

    “I just realized the hope and the love and positivity that it gave people. I had people reaching out who had lost pets, family to cancer. People that were going through cancer messaged me saying that how much the video helped inspired them, and it’s giving them strength,” exclaimed Sath.

    Watch the full story below.


    Watch an act of love help a stray cat miraculously beat cancer

    Debbie Sath adopted Princess Charming to give her a loving, safe space to spend what she thought would be her last days. Then, love defied the odds.

    USA Today

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