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    American Riviera Orchard – All About Meghan Markle’s New Lifestyle Brand

    Meghan Markle, wife of Prince Harry, left the Internet buzzing on March 14, as a teaser of her new brand went viral. According to news agency AFP, the brand – American Riviera Orchard – is seemingly named after the couple’s oceanside California home.

    The name of the brand was unveiled through a 16-second-long retro-style video, showing hands arranging flowers, and the Duchess of Sussex stirring a pot in a kitchen.

    It concluded with a glimpse of a woman in a ball gown standing at the end of a long colonnade.

    Not only this, but the official Instagram page of American Riviera Orchard, featured nine zoomed-in images that, when pieced together, make up the logo. In addition, its bio read: “by Meghan, The Duchess of Sussex. Established 2024.”

    Know more about the brand

    Talking about the branding of the brand, American Riviera Orchard features a gold-hued logo with the word “Montecito”.

    Montecito is the name of the upscale town where the Duke and Duchess of Sussex and their children live. It is near Santa Barbara, which is also referred to as the “American Riviera”.

    It has been two days since her brand American Riviera Orchard was unveiled. Going by the clip, it remains unclear what exactly the brand is selling.

    However, as per a report by BBC, the brand plans to sell cookbooks and home goods like decanters and kitchen linens, as well as foods including marmalade and jellies.

    Brand’s impact on social media

    In just two days, the official Instagram page of American Riviera Orchard has amassed more than 504,000 followers.

    The brand also has an official page where people can enter their email to join a waitlist.

    It must be noted that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle quit royal duties in 2020 and relocated to California.

    Since then, no posts have been shared on their official Instagram account, “Sussex Royal”.

    In recent years, the two have pursued a variety of media ventures. The couple were last seen in the Netflix documentary series Harry & Meghan. Last year in January, Prince Harry also released his memoir Spare.

    Apart from Meghan Markle’s animated series on Netflix, the couple also had a Spotify-exclusive podcast deal, which came to an end last year after just one show.



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