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    Lifestyle coach & trainer Anmol looks to redefine Indian fitness industry | More sports News

    Anmol Sachdeva. (TOI Photo)

    NEW DELHI: Lifestyle coach, influencer and trainer, Anmol Sachdeva, has been redefining the Indian fitness industry by not only transforming the bro-science community of trainers but by educating them as well.
    An internationally certified fitness consultant hailing from Patna, Anmol has, so far, helped around 2000 of his clients to rediscover the joy of living by bringing them back into shape. The 26-year-old holds a bachelor of PHE and sports science degree and multiple international certifications, which has helped natural bodybuilders, athletes and common people recover from lifestyle diseases.
    In 2021, he founded ‘Aesthetics by Anmol‘ to provide one-on-one fitness and lifestyle coaching services for a healthy living. The venture’s personalised transformation plans include things like customised diet plans, workout routine, supplements list, homemade recipes, progress tracking and detailed assistance.
    “I am a firm believer in research-based proper coaching and education rather than guesswork. I have gathered scientific knowledge to add to my practical experience,” Anmol said.
    One of his trainees, Aryaman, who lost 20 kgs in 12 weeks, said that the team ensured that the requirement remains sustainable and easy so that he can focus on his daily college work while staying fit. For homemaker and a working mother, Rachita, 38, the team managed not only her diet and training but also improved other aspects of her lifestyle like the quality of sleep, energy levels, and meditation to manage stress. A strategic weight training plan with a sustainable dieting plan helped her to get a toned look.
    “The results haven’t come overnight. The dedication, hardwork and research that the team has put in for each and every client, has seen ‘Aesthetics by Anmol’ grow immensely in the last one year. Our one-on-one personalised training is so detailed and strategic that once people signed in, they started to see results in less than 10-12 weeks. We have more than 2000 people who went through our training and transformed their body,” Anmol added.


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