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    Marketing Specialist Nasha-Monique Douglas shares life as a plant mom | Lifestyle

    It is often encouraged to ‘never say never’ because practising doubt can not only limit you and your fears but hold you back from tapping into your magic. When Marketing Specialist Nasha-Monique Douglas’ friend began speaking enthusiastically about her new interests in plants last year, Douglas admits she found the level of adoration for the garden activity to be a bit weird. Fast-forward to 2023 and the brand lover took to social media to declare herself a newly minted plant mom.

    “My name is Nasha and I am a Plant Mom,” she shared on her Instagram account recently, noting that she had no idea how the love for the green life came to be, but she is happy that it did.

    So, how exactly did she unlock her natural maternal instinct? Well, it happened out of necessity. “My house needed greenery,” she said, turning that desire for a gorgeous landscape into a passion project of sorts.

    What started as owning just a bamboo plant grew into now being the proud parent of bromeliads, a Joseph’s coat plant, palms, orchids, ferns, a heliconia, a wandering Jew, and pothos, also known as the devil’s ivy, just to name a few.

    “Plants provide peace and serenity in your space. They also have the ability to give you some form of achievement when you see them grow, evolve or shift, based on your care and the environment,” she revealed.

    It took her approximately six months to experience a nature euphoria like no other. And admitting that she was more of an observer in the growth and development of her gardens, she gives credit to her many enablers, as she graciously calls them, for all of their assistance during this beautiful process. “Thanks to Gillian and Cheryl, the real caretakers, Stephanie for designing and executing a beautiful space, and to Miss Meggie, who is the true orchid whisperer and benefactor of a lot of these babies,” she explained in her dedication post.

    One of the biggest rookie mistakes she made when starting as a plant owner had to do with watering, “Overwatering was my biggest issue, along with knowing which plants need attention and which ones don’t necessarily need as much.” With time and having a greater understanding of her plant children, she will soon be a pro-plant parent.

    She already sees where becoming one with nature has provided an organic form of therapeutic support in her life, “Plants are a part of the process I use to manage stress. I retreat to my garden when I have a creative block. They have helped me to slow down and literally smell the roses. Being surrounded by nature is a different level of zen.”

    When it comes to abiding by the green life, Douglas advises that you get professional help to assist with the starting process. There’s a lot to be said about growing pains, but that guidance will save you from wasting all of your money. “Also, rainwater is a blessing, so catch some when it falls to water your indoor plants. And yes, plants do need love and attention like humans, so speak to them,” she added.

    Since being newly converted, this plant mom encourages others who may or may not be interested in plant life to give it a try, “Nothing gives you life like keeping a plant alive, coming from someone whose thumbs were far from green. Surrounding yourself with greenery does something for the spirit,” she said.



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