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    Rant and Rave: A thanks to those who helped reader with sobriety

    RAVE to everyone who has helped me on my journey to sobriety. Over the last seven years, I have suffered from an extreme problem with alcohol. During this time, I have been in detox, rehab, numerous ER visits and several hospital stays. All through this, anyone associated with helping me has been kind and supportive. All doctors, nurses, support staff and everybody else. Especially my primary care provider at UW Medicine in Shoreline. They could have easily given up on me, but they’ve been a lifesaver. Today, I feel in a much better place and am working every day on recovery and improvement.

    RANT AND RAVE Rave to the Target employees who work the evening and night shift, cleaning up the terrible mess that people leave when they shop. Rant to people who think they can just trash the store, throwing things around, mixing everything up, and leaving their own garbage on random shelves.



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