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    Rant and Rave: Reader appreciates dog owners who follow rules

    RANT AND RAVE Rant to all the dog owners at Magnuson Park who let their dogs run off leash outside of the splendid multi-acre, fenced off-leash area there. Rave to all the law-abiding citizens who utilize the off-leash areas for their dogs.

    RAVE to the hundreds of us stuck at Sea-Tac Airport the other night when the train broke down. People were so kind, especially to older folks like me. No one complained. We were all resigned that personnel would do their best to fix the train problem and find a way for us to get to the main terminal, baggage claim or our connecting flights. Several young people helped with pushing or carrying our carry-on bags and even helped one older person stand up after they had to sit down for a while. I was so proud of all of these people who chatted, helped and stayed positive the entire three plus hours until we were bussed to the main terminal. A great example of fellowship.

    RANT to all the couples who are eager to enjoy their mutual affection in restaurants. Lingering kissing and nuzzling might be fun for you, but not for everyone else who has to see your embarrassing display. Please have some self-awareness and consideration for the rest of us. All of the other restaurant guests (and the service staff!) are grossed out by your inappropriate behavior. A restaurant at dinnertime is not the time and place for such intimacy.

    RAVE to a helpful taxi dispatcher. Recently, we returned from Texas after burying my husband’s mother and took a cab from the airport. In addition to our luggage, we had a small tote bag that contained family photos and sentimental objects belonging to my mother-in-law. Unfortunately, the small bag was left in the trunk of the taxi and we were bereft as a result. After using our best detective skills, I was able to speak to a lovely person in the dispatcher’s office who offered to put out an APB on the drivers’ group chat board and they promised to call me back — one way or the other. They were a person of their word. They called when the bag was found and returned and they provided us with detailed instructions on how to find the office where we were reunited with it and its irreplaceable contents.

    RANT to a bus ad I recently pulled up behind the other day. My child read the display on the rear of the bus, “Slow the flock down” with a couple of seagulls perched on a 25 mph sign. “What does it mean, Dad?” “It’s a pun on an uncouth expression.” “What does uncouth mean, Dad?” “Uncouth means words we don’t use in polite society.” “Why are uncouth words on the back of the bus?” Whoever dreamed this one up and whoever approved it for a banner ought to reconsider.

    RAVE to the unknown person who dropped my lost driver’s license in my mailbox. It was my mistake to not carry it in a more secure pocket while walking.



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