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    Rant & Rave: Reader tired of shopping carts blocking bike racks

    RANT to shoppers who park their empty shopping carts in front of the bicycle rack. Just walk the extra 15 yards and park it with the rest of the carts! Need help? Just ask. Feeling lazy or rushed? Leave your cart inside the store so you don’t need to bring it back. Blocking the bike rack is the wrong choice amid so many right ones.

    RAVE to the reopening of MacPherson’s Fruit & Produce stand on Beacon Hill. Please patronize this important, locally owned resource for fresh food.

    RANT to restaurant servers who make their customers package their leftovers by themselves. I was a server for years and wouldn’t have dreamed of making the customers do the work. That’s what servers are for. If you want good tips, give good service. I want to tip generously, but it has to be earned.

    RAVE to our wonderful Broadview neighbors who spent hours helping search for our lost dog — who bolted into a yard while being walked on a leash. After a long night of searching, we found him with his head stuck in a small hole in a fence. We are so grateful to have him back home safe and sound. 

    RANT to the new, revolting “all body” deodorant commercials. Please keep it between you and your doctor, I guess? Or whoever needs to know about your issues. But please, not me.

    RAVE to the two good Samaritans who came to my rescue the other day in the South Seattle QFC parking lot. I lost my balance, tripped and fell. Thank you so much for coming to check if I was OK and for going into the store to get some ice for my injury and replace my Starbucks drinks that spilled. It’s a great feeling knowing that despite all the bad news about South Seattle, there are still kind, helpful people who care about their neighbors! Appreciate you both!

    RANT to digital coupons and shopping ads that essentially discriminate against older people, many of whom haven’t managed or don’t want to go digital, but who, with their fixed incomes, could certainly benefit from reduced prices.

    RAVE to the EvergreenHealth Lakeshore clinic for the skeleton with rabbit ears outside the X-ray department. Nice to have a bit of Easter humor in the otherwise mundane, and often serious, business of visiting the doctor. Thanks for the smiles!

    RANT to the young people who we see every day going as fast as they can, weaving in and out of traffic. It’s time to grow up and quit being so focused on yourself and what you find fun. Join the human race with concern for those around you.

    RAVE to King County Elections officials who recently sent my 92-year-old husband a letter and form requesting he send in his signature to help the officials verify his signature on the ballot and ensure his vote will be counted in upcoming elections. They explained how our respective signatures can change over time. Hurray for these hardworking officials.



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