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    She Wear marks 10th anniversary with lifestyle range launch

    She Wear has launched a new range of women’s work footwear coinciding with the company’s 10th anniversary.

    Part of the “From Work to Play” campaign, the new range features stylish footwear that can be comfortably used both at work and at leisure, incorporating efficient arch support and cushioning.

    “We have come a very long way since that fateful day when I got a nail through my foot on a building site. Discovering there were no women’s specific safety boots really surprised me but also gave me the inspiration to design a work boot with colourful options specific for the shape and contours of a female foot,” said Stacey Head, She Wear founder and MD.

    “Now we design women’s super safe, ultra-supportive work boots and shoes for all industries,” Head added, noting that women are more vulnerable to feet problems than men due to narrow-fitting shoes and high-heels.

    The new range of shoes is available for purchase starting November 1 on the company’s e-commerce site.



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