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    Uhm Jung Hwa reveals her home, lifestyle, & trophies earned throughout her 30 year career

    On June 2, singer/actress Uhm Jung Hwa revealed her home, her lifestyle, the many trophies she has earned throughout her 30-year career, and more in a vlog form through the YouTube channel ‘Study King Hong Jin Kyung‘.

    A part of Hong Jin Kyung’s ‘Study’ series studying people and their lives, Uhm Jung Hwa’s latest vlog captured the veteran musician/actress’s home and lifestyle in a never-before-seen, intimate and personal manner. Here, Uhm Jung Hwa introduced viewers to her dog Super and also talked about her love of wine. 

    While leading viewers on a tour of home, the production crew came across Uhm Jung Hwa’s scripts for her drama series, ‘Doctor Cha‘. She then explained why each script book had messages written on the cover, saying, “If we are filming in one set, we need to film as many scenes on that set as possible, not just for episode 3 or 4 but for other ones as well. So I have to constantly remind myself what happened in the previous episodes.” 

    Later on, the actual owner of the YouTube channel, Hong Jin Kyung, joined Uhm Jung Hwa for a light meal prepared by Uh Jung Hwa herself. Musician Jung Jae Hyung also made an appearance, demonstrating his close friendship with both Uhm Jung Hwa and Hong Jin Kyung. 

    Meanwhile, Uhm Jung Hwa most recently captured the hearts of countless viewers with her unrivaled performance on JTBC’s ‘Doctor Cha’.



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