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    Worried about fatty liver? Smaller meals, more sleep and other lifestyle changes to help it heal

    Your liver accumulating fat isn’t good news. The condition, medically known as fatty liver, is of two types – alcoholic and non-alcoholic. Alcoholic fatty liver happens (as the name suggests) due to over consumption of alcohol, while non-alcoholic fatty liver is mostly a result of a sedentary lifestyle. In both cases, fat builds up in the liver causing inflammation and scarring, which can also lead to liver failure.

    Therefore, if you have been diagnosed with fatty liver, the first thing you need to do is to incorporate some lifestyle and dietary changes that will help you manage your liver health better.

    Eat Frequent Meals In Smaller Quantities

    Fatty liver is a sign that your liver is strained. So, in order to not over impose tasks on an already ailing liver, you should eat smaller but frequent meals, with gaps of a few hours in between. The time in between allows the liver to digest the food, and if you are eating smaller portions, it becomes easier for the liver to process the food without overworking.

    Reduce Or Give-Up Alcohol Consumption

    If you have an alcoholic fatty liver, in all likelihood it is a result of alcohol abuse and your liver health may be deteriorating every time you lift a glass. What people with alcoholic fatty liver don’t often realise is that the liver condition they have is reversible if they give up alcohol consumption. In six months time, the liver begins to heal. For those with non-alcoholic fatty liver too, it is prudent to limit consumption of alcohol.

    Add Vegetables & Fruits To Your Diet

    Apart from protein, what your diet needs, if you have a fatty liver, is vegetables, fruits and fibres that help you get rid of the excess fat in the liver. They also improve liver health overall, boosting its functioning capacities.

    Stop Consuming Saturated Fats & Sugary Substance

    Saturated fats which are often found in full-dairy products and red meat are difficult for an ailing liver to process. Similarly, sugary substances and junk food are highly inflammatory in nature, adding to an already existing inflammation in your liver due to its fattiness. In order to make your liver heal faster, you must stop consuming or at least limit the intake of such substances.

    Get Active

    One of the contributing factors in most liver diseases is a sedentary lifestyle. Therefore, getting active is very necessary. Try to incorporate at least 30 minutes of exercise every day in your life. It will not only keep your blood sugar levels under control, but also take care of lipid profile.

    Get Proper Sleep

    Sleep deprivation affects liver metabolism and fat content. Similarly, chronic liver diseases are associated with sleep disorders. Therefore, it is a two-way street, and sleep plays an important role in keeping your liver health intact. Try to get six to eight hours of sleep every night, preferably at the same time, to keep your liver healthy.



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