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    Petty politics prevent positive movement on Trenton’s trash problems (L.A. PARKER COLUMN) – Trentonian

    Furniture, mattresses, and weeds line Oakland Alley in Trenton’s East Ward. (Laura Mora/For The Trentonian)

    A time existed when The Trentonian could publish an article about trash in the morning and the situation would be resolved before sundown.

    In the East Ward, a call to then-Councilman Frank Cirillo, his successor, Gino Melone, or his replacement Councilwoman Verlina Reynolds-Jackson cultivated conversation between like-minded people. And action.

    Same situation occurred with Mayors Douglas Palmer, Tony Mack, George Muschal and Eric Jackson. Muschal rarely agreed with any opinion here but we shared common strength about the need for Trenton to maintain curb-to-curb and property upkeep.

    In fact, when Trenton Mayor Reed Gusciora took office, he and Muschal talked tough about city oversight of garbage, weeds and blight. Collaboration on this issue included a street sweeper extravaganza in portions of both the south and north wards for the mayor’s first several days in office.

    Trash collects in an Oakwood Alley garage in Trenton.(Laura Mora/For The Trentonian)

    So, while the aforementioned politicians may have held opposite opinions on numerous topics, we agreed that being a clean city ranked as important.

    And, personal never got in the way of progress on this key issue. Unfortunately, current leaders lack the maturity necessary for accomplishment as Mayor Gusciora and East Ward Councilman Joe Harrison prefer adversarial behaviors.

    This is Day 21 since The Trentonian identified a property on the 600 block of Chambers St. overrun by trash that forced a neighbor to install a fence to block visions of the unsightly trash pile and dirty neighbors. No action occurred although Harrison allegedly pitched a hissy fit about not being alerted about the property then did nothing. The City? The Mayor? Nothing.

    Amazement surfaces when one considers Trenton exists as the capital city of New Jersey but residents frequently exhibit no sophistication regarding the power of clean.

    Gusciora and Harrison engage in petty politics, obstinate about not taking what appears like orders from a columnist. They have allowed personal to interfere with professional while Trenton residents suffer.

    And, guys. Go take a look at Oakwood Alley off Gladstone Ave. in the east ward. Mattresses, furniture, an open garage being filled with trash, backyards under siege by garbage.

    Identification of this area and the need for attention hardly surfaces as a demand. So, please, pretty please, start an initiative that encourages residents, business owners and landlords to clean up or pay up.


    Kudos to employees working in the Streets Department’s Graffiti Blasters division. Our street showed a mattress and box spring leaning against a utility pole. Two employees stopped their vehicle to cover the items in plastic. A day later, workers collected those items. Easy peasy and extremely pleasy (poetic license).

    L.A. Parker is a Trentonian columnist. Find him on Twitter @LAParker6 or email him at



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