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    Trump has another chance to get Fani Willis off election interference case: Live

    Trump comments on Navarro imprisonment

    The judge overseeing Donald Trump’s election interference case in Georgia has issued a certificate of immediate review allowing the former president and his co-defendants to appeal the decision to allow Fulton County district attorney Fani Willis to remain on the case against them.

    Judge Scott McAfee’s latest order grants the defence their request to lodge an appeal but does not automatically stay trial court proceedings which will continue regardless of whether the Georgia Court of Appeals takes up their case.

    Meanwhile, Mr Trump’s lawyers have asked the US Supreme Court to grant their client “absolute immunity” from criminal prosecution for acts carried out while serving as president as part of their bid to get the federal election interference case against him dismissed.

    Ahead of oral arguments on the question being heard on 25 April, the Republican candidate’s lawyers argued: “The court should restore the tradition and neutralise one of the greatest threats to the president’s separate power, a bedrock of our republic, in our nation’s history.

    “The court should uphold the president’s immunity from criminal prosecution for official acts.”


    What does Trump-backed Bernie Moreno’s win in Ohio mean for November’s election?

    John Bowden filed this report from Cleveland, Ohio:

    Bernie Moreno decisively won the GOP nomination for US Senate in Ohio on Monday, the second candidate to be essentially carried to victory by former President Donald Trump in the state in two years.

    He’ll join the other Republican with that distinction, JD Vance, in Ohio’s US Senate delegation next January if he is able to beat incumbent Democratic Senator Sherrod Brown in the fall. Mr Moreno actually ran against Mr Vance in the last election cycle but withdrew to clear the way for his one-time rival after the Hillbilly Elegy author won Mr Trump’s endorsement that year.

    Tuesday evening’s victory is a sign of Donald Trump’s continued endorsement strength — particularly in the midwest and in states where he has less directly clashed with state Republican leaders.

    Oliver O’Connell21 March 2024 08:15


    Outrage as Trump says Jewish people who vote Democrat ‘hate Israel’

    Oliver O’Connell21 March 2024 06:15


    Federal election case: Trump asks Supreme Court for broad immunity from criminal charges

    Ariana Baio has the details…

    Oliver O’Connell21 March 2024 04:15


    After uproar over Russia comments, Trump appears to change his tone on Nato

    But he also asked, “Why should we guard these countries that have a lot of money?”

    Gustaf Kilander has the story…

    Oliver O’Connell21 March 2024 02:15


    Trump falsely claims US funds ‘90 or 100%’ of Nato

    Donald Trump has falsely claimed that the US funds “90 to 100 per cent” of Nato as he suggested the US would defend fellow alliance members from attack – if they paid their bills.

    Oliver O’Connell21 March 2024 01:15


    Haley donors finally make the switch, but not to Trump

    Oliver O’Connell21 March 2024 00:15


    Watch: Alina Habba cannot answer if Trump is trying to get bond money from Saudi Arabia or Russia

    Oliver O’Connell20 March 2024 23:15


    Trump ahead of Biden by single digits in key battlegrounds according to new polling

    Oliver O’Connell20 March 2024 22:15


    ICYMI: NY AG asks appeals court to reject Trump argument that it’s a ‘practical impossibility’ to post bond

    The office of New York Attorney General Letitia James has asked a New York appeals court to reject Donald Trump’s argument that it’s a “practical impossibility” to post a bond to pause his fraud judgment while he’s appealing after the former president approached 30 companies for the $464m bond and was rejected by all.

    In a court filing, the NY AG argues that the court should not consider Mr Trump’s new argument and allegations as they are “procedurally improper”. It states:

    Indeed, defendants here had no reason to wait for their reply to raise their allegations and arguments about the difficulty of obtaining a bond, as their efforts to obtain that bond began before their stay motion was filed and indeed before judgment was even entered.

    Defendants’ allegations thus boil down to the proposition that sureties have been unwilling to accept Mr Trump’s real-estate holdings as collateral in this case. Yet defendants supply no documentary evidence that demonstrates precisely what real property they offered to sureties, on what terms that property was offered, or precisely why the sureties were unwilling to accept the assets. As far as the Court can infer, sureties may have refused to accept defendants’ specific holdings as collateral because using Mr Trump’s real estate will generally need “a property appraisal” and his holdings are not nearly as valuable as defendants claim.

    Even if the court were to accept Mr Trump’s argument that real estate is difficult for a surety to accept as collateral for a bond to meet the judgment amount, the NY AG argues that they fail to suggest a serious alternative.

    The defendants object to a “fire sale” of property to sell assets and generate cash but the alternative would be to shift the risk of executing such a sale to the NY AG.

    It is suggested that at a minimum, Mr Trump’s team should consent to having their real-estate interests held by the New York Supreme Court to satisfy the judgment or pledge security in real estate holdings of sufficient value to secure payment for the entire judgment.

    The NY AG also says that nothing stops Mr Trump from getting multiple, smaller bonds.

    Here’s Joe Sommerlad reporting on what might happen next and the prospect of Mr Trump’s New York properties being seized:

    Oliver O’Connell20 March 2024 21:15


    Stormy Daniels says she took hush money deal so Trump ‘couldn’t have me killed’

    Ms Daniels was allegedly paid for her silence over an alleged affair she claims she had with Mr Trump at Lake Tahoe in 2006. Mr Trump has continually denied that the affair took place.

    Oliver O’Connell20 March 2024 20:45



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