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    Early Addition: Adirondacks rangers worry noobs will try hiking peaks to watch the eclipse

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    Good Monday morning in New York City, where the Staten Island LGBTQ+-friendly St. Patrick’s Day parade was popping.

    Here’s what else is happening:

    • Gov. Kathy Hochul is ordering a top-to-bottom review of why New York’s legal cannabis rollout has been such “a disaster.”
    • A realtor is pitching condos and rental units in Upper Manhattan as a way to “avoid congestion pricing.”
    • “There were kids who were sitting in the cafeteria receiving no instruction for hours”: Former students, parents and employees told The Cut about the chaos that’s engulfed Capital Prep, the Harlem charter school cofounded by Diddy.
    • Park rangers in the Adirondacks are concerned that 170,000 people are going to show up next month to watch the total eclipse and potentially overwhelm rescue teams.
    • The Brooklyn Seltzer Museum last Friday held the first-ever National Egg Cream Invitational, and the top prize went to a soda shop from Philly.
    • The St. John’s men’s basketball team got snubbed by the NCAA tournament — and declined the invitation from the also-ran NIT tournament. 
    • Pet rocks are a big hit in South Korea right now.
    • And finally, your time will come:


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