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    How to take pictures of the eclipse using your phone

    For about 4½ minutes on April 8, millions of Americans will see their Monday plunge prematurely into darkness.

    If you’re lucky — or if you’ve planned a trip into the path of this year’s total eclipse — you’ll be among them. And what better way to mark the moment than with a few gorgeous eclipse pics?

    The catch: Capturing worthwhile images of basically anything in space with a phone can be tricky, especially when your subject is a massive, incandescent ball of gas. Need proof? Go outside, try taking a picture of the midday sun, and see whether you capture anything more than just indistinct brightness.

    Thankfully, taking photos of a total eclipse is easier than you might expect — as long as you’re prepared. Here’s how you might be able to get a few stunning eclipse pictures for your records without hurting yourself, or your phone.



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