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    5 New Features Coming to Warzone 2

    Over the past couple of days, information on the next iteration of Warzone has leaked online. A recent video from content creator NerosCinema had outlined several key features coming to Warzone 2, which has been corroborated independently by my own sources.

    Today, I wanted to expand on some of these details in more depth, as well as share a few more details about Warzone 2 that is not yet known.

    Interrogation Feature

    Although this feature has not yet been mentioned online, Warzone 2 will have an interrogation feature that all players will have access to. The interrogation feature is very similar to the interrogate feature in Rainbow Six Siege, where players can interrogate downed enemies to reveal their teammates location.


    Approaching downed enemies will show the “Interrogate” prompt, of which your player carries out an execution-style animation to kill the player. Once the player is killed, their teammate’s locations are shown on the minimap.

    The interrogation feature seems to be in its early stages, with the current animation just being some form of Stim Shot animation, where you inject the player (or maybe it’s a truth serum)! The whole animation and process currently takes around six seconds.

    It’s unclear whether or not this feature will make it into the final build of the game, but it has been suggested to me by several people that this is more of an “add-on” to the execution animations that we’ve seen in past Call of Duty titles. 

    Armor Vests

    Armor Vests
    Armor Vests

    As briefly mentioned in NerosCinema’s latest video, armor vests are making a return. This time though, armor vests appear to be a hybrid of the armor system between Blackout and Warzone.

    This time, players will need to find a tiered armor vest in order to equip armor plates.

    Armor vests range from tier 1 to tier 3, with each tier allowing you to equip one more armor plate. Your armor vest does not break, but your armor plates do, meaning you’ll need to replenish your plates after you get hit, just like within Warzone.

    Bag System

    Bag System
    Bag System

    Sources have said that the bag system is in early development, and things are still very fluid with how the system might be for the final game.

    Essentially, it’s very similar to Escape from Tarkov, where players can add ammo, killstreaks, and weapons to their bag. Different bag tiers allow you to you have more storage space.

    Example of how the Bag System works (not accurate numbers).

    • Ammo – Takes up 1 Slot
    • Killstreaks – Takes up 4 Slots (2 by 2)
    • Assault Rifle – Takes up 6 Slots (2 by 3)
    • Sniper Rifle – Takes up 8 Slots (2 by 4)
    • Tier 1 Bag – 10 Slots (2 by 5)
    • Tier 2 Bag – 15 Slots (3 by 5)
    • Tier 3 Bag – 20 Slots (4 by 5)

    This means that players can place several different items in their bags depending on the size of the bag.

    It has been suggested that at this moment in time, you cannot “flip” weapons to add to your bag as they can only be placed horizontally, at least for Warzone 2.

    If you’re not familiar with games like Escape from Tarkov, then the new bag system is basically a more complicated version of the bag system from Blackout.

    It’s unclear if the bag system will be the exact system across both modes, but the foundations have been laid into what to expect.

    Pro Perks

    Pro Perks
    Pro Perks

    Pro Perks is something that some older Call of Duty fans will be familiar with and are essentially a better version of normal perks, and they are coming to Warzone 2.

    Pro Perks are obtainable by looting Strongholds & although some Pro Perks were on pre-determined classes during the recent Warzone 2 playtests, it’s not entirely clear whether or not Pro Perks will be able to be used on your Loadout as you might need to loot and use them in order to get an extra edge.



    I’ve already covered Strongholds in a recent report that you can check out here, but essentially Strongholds are locations scattered around the map that are guarded by AI and have objectives within them.

    Completing the objective and mission will grant you your Loadout, in addition to other goodies like Pro Perks and Killstreaks. 

    As with all leaks, please take the information with a pinch of salt. Warzone 2 and Modern Warfare 2 are still in active development, and with still 5-6 months of development time from release, things may change.

    I also want to make it clear that although previous Modern Warfare 2 maps from the original game are coming to Warzone 2, it doesn’t necessarily mean they are coming to the premium title as 6v6 maps, at least on launch.

    With Infinity Ward now having a two-year release cycle, it is possible that we’ll get to see all these maps over the two years, but not necessarily on launch. So keep your expectations in check.

    Update May 22: A video has now leaked confirming several information about Modern Warfare 2.



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