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    Bride slams guests for gifts that ‘don’t cover the cost of their plate’

    A bride has slammed her wedding guests for “not being generous enough” with their gifts. 

    She believed that their gifts didn’t even cover the “price of their plate” which was $200 per head.

    The bride assumed that her guests, who all live in an expensive area, could easily afford the price but was disappointed when her expectations weren’t met. 

    She said the gifts weren’t ‘generous’ enough

    In a now-deleted Facebook rant, she vented her frustrations and asked her followers what she should do. 

    This bride spent nearly $200 a plate, and expected guests’ gifts to cover the cost.
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    However, she didn’t quite get the response she hoped for and faced a lot of backlash from people saying she was ‘entitled’ and ‘ungrateful.’

    She wrote: “I had my wedding recently and I would say 70 percent of people didn’t even come close to covering their plate. For reference, I live in a very expensive area and everyone who attended is local.

    “For example, the price for each person was around $300 ($197 USD) and I received $50 ($32 USD) a person from a few adults, $100 ($65 USD) a person from a family, $120 ($80 USD) a person from another family and on average $150 ($98 USD) a person.”

    She then goes on to admit she “doesn’t understand why this happened,” because when she is a guest, she always researches the venue to find out how much a wedding plate would cost. 

    The bride concluded by asking: “Do I just cut my losses, keep it in the back of my head or say something?

    “Side note, it extra bothers me because people kept telling my fiancé and I ‘don’t worry the money will come back’ when we kept saying we wanted it small because we didn’t want to rely on it coming back.”

    ‘Seems pretty pretentious to me’

    Most people branded the woman as being unreasonable and said you should never assume that everyone can afford such lavish gifts. 

    Forums called this mentality “pretentious.”
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    “Seems pretty pretentious to me. If you’re throwing the party it should come out of your pocket with no further strong expectations,” one top commenter wrote.

    Another said, “I find this mindset really unfamiliar as a lower-middle-class person, but it kind of sounds like a rich person doing rich-person things with other rich people.”

    “Your expectations are ridiculous, it was your choice to host an expensive wedding. Don’t put that cost back onto your guests,” replied someone else.

    A few people pointed out that it’s customary in some countries to cover the cost of your plate, “but it’s nowhere near $300 ($197 USD)” for your typical wedding. 

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