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    Honkai Star Rail Announces New Features + Optimizations: Increased Trailblazer Power Cap & More

    Via their HoYoLAB application, HoYoverse has released a brand-new Q&A for Honkai Star Rail. This Q&A, titled the Voice of the Galaxy, contains a number of optimizations that the developers plan to add in future Version Updates. Among the discussed questions, it was revealed that a feature to store surplus Trailblaze Power, as well as improvements to the logic behind the Auto Battle Mode are in the plans.

    You can view the full Q&A below:

    Q. My Trailblaze Power maxed out after sleeping in on weekends! Can the mechanism be improved?

    A. In Version 1.3, the Crew will increase the upper limit of Trailblaze Power to 240. Furthermore, “Reserved Trailblaze Power” will be added. Once Trailblaze Power maxes out, a percentage of the surplus is converted into “Reserved Trailblaze Power.”

    Q. When going through the story dialogues, if I accidentally tapped somewhere on the screen, I couldn’t see the previous dialogues again. Help me!

    A. No problem! We are working on this new function already! In future updates, Trailblazers would be able to use a review button during story dialogues to replay the previous story dialogue. The Update Radio for Voice of the Galaxy will provide more details to Trailblazers when this function is ready to be released!

    Q. I want to send stickers when chatting with friends.

    A. Chat stickers will be released in version 1.3! The Crew will add more stickers for Trailblazers to use in future updates.

    Q. Can the black bar at the bottom of the PC client be hidden?

    A. This optimization will be made in Version 1.3! After the update, Trailblazers can choose whether to display the navigation bar at the bottom;

    Q. Pom-Pom. I forgot to log in on my birthday, so I missed the birthday mail…

    A. After the Version 1.3 update. Trailblazers will be able to receive birthday mails by logging in even after their birthday, and birthday mails will also be sent to any Trailblazers who have missed them earlier. For more details. Trailblazers can check out future announcements for Version 1.3.

    Q. There are many types of Consumables, but they are inconvenient to use. Can you improve the experience of using them?

    A. Pom-Pom has received a lot of feedback about Consumables! The Crew will improve the system of Consumables in future versions to make them more convenient to use. The improvement plan is in the making! The Update Radio for Voice of the Galaxy will provide more details to Trailblazers when this optimization is ready to be released!

    Q. Will there be new items at Herta’s Store? I’m struggling to decide whether I should get the current Light Cones or not.

    A. Porn-Pom has heard that after the Version 1.3 update, new items will be listed at Herta’s Store! Apparently there will be a new 5-star Light Cone (Nihility)! Plan ahead with your Herta Bonds if you’re interested.

    Q. While in auto-battle, I always feel that some character abilities are not used in the most effective way. Can this be improved?

    A. Yes… the Crew has received a lot of feedback about the logic behind how some characters automatically use their abilities, and we are sorry for the inconvenience caused. In future updates, the Crew will continue to improve the auto-battle experience and optimize the logic behind when to use abilities.

    Honkai: Star Rail is a space fantasy RPG title with a journey through immense worlds of the unknown. The game features fantasy elements with myths and legends integrated into the space sci-fi story. Combined with the intuitive turn-based combat system, large maps with maze exploration and immersive storylines that together compose an interstellar melody filled with surprises and rewarding experiences that echo throughout the universe!

    Honkai: Star Rail can be downloaded from the official websiteApp Store and Google Play. A PlayStation version will be coming soon on Q4 2023. In case you missed it, check out our review of the game.



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