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    iPhone 15 Pro Max burns user’s fingers as it melts USB-C cable

    Anurag Singh

    Apple’s iPhone 15 Pro Max melted a USB-C cable while charging overnight, causing burns on the user’s fingers.

    The EU forced Apple to adopt USB-C ports with the iPhone 15 series. Previous iPhones all charged through what the company called a Lightning connector. However, it might not be the best idea to use just any USB-C cable to charge your iPhone.

    A Reddit user reported their iPhone 15 Pro Max got so hot while charging overnight that it burned their fingers, melting their USB-C cable. The affected user wasn’t using an official Apple cable, but rather a generic travel adapter and a USB-C cable from Amazon.

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    Generic USB-C cables vs iPhone 15

    Redditor NoisilyMarvellous posted an image on December 24 showing an iPhone 15 Pro Max with melted remains of a USB-C cable.

    The user had plugged the phone in to charge overnight when the whole fiasco happened. They explained: “I knew the iPhone 15 Pro Max gets hot, but a month into use mine got so hot while charging overnight that it literally left a burn on my finger.

    “When I took the charger off, it had melted some of the plastic, left burn marks on the body and stuck the metal part of the USB-C port into the phone.”

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    Replying to another user, NoisilyMarvellous said that they were using a travel adaptor and a USB-C cable from Amazon. “I have used both products for months with 0 issues,” they added.

    The iPhone 15 series has faced ongoing overheating issues, but until now, there hasn’t been a case where the phones got so hot that they melted a cable or caused burns to a user.

    The generic cable used by the affected user seems to be the culprit behind the overheating of the iPhone 15 Pro Max in question.

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    Not all cables are created equal. Apple recommends charging your phones with the cable that comes with the box, or buy one that says it’s been certified by a trade group called the USB Implementers Forum, or USB-IF.



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