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    Pokemon Go players blast “grind’ worse than 999 excellent throws

    Jessica Filby

    Pokemon Go players have had enough of the game’s level requirements, with later levels being labeled as a “disheartening” grind.

    While at its heart, Pokemon Go is a game about collecting, it wouldn’t be as popular as it is without a few exciting events, challenges, and quests to complete. After all, those are the features many will come back for, even if a few are met with player frustration.

    However, quests, events, and challenges aside, one feature that remains present from the beginning is level requirements. This keeps players engaged in the game and brings a sense of achievement to many once they’ve leveled up – but for some, certain levels just feel like a “grind” rather than a challenge.

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    Pokemon Go players slam Niantic for “disheartening” level requirements

    Sharing their frustrations on Reddit, one Pokemon Go player posted an image of the Level 49 Requirements, claiming how “this grind will take longer than the 999 excellent throws at the next level.” The challenge in question asks the player to “obtain 50 Lucky Pokemon in trades.”

    Lucky Pokemon are pretty tricky to get in the first place, but fans will need to find other active players to trade with who are happy to let go of some of their Pokemon.

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    Many other players took to the comments to slam Niantic for its “disheartening” challenges, with some feeling pretty frustrated: “Is it real ?!?! I didn’t know. Woof. So I’m never getting to 50.”

    Others felt that this challenge was way too time-consuming, with many fans highlighting how they’re currently “stuck in this task with only 3 lucky trades,” going on to say how it’s “going to take years.”

    Thankfully, many fans took to the comments to reveal a few key tips and tricks, with some explaining that the best way is to hope your partner plays or is willing to spend. Another explained how they “just beat it by creating another account with my old phone and trading every day with it.” While that’s against the rules of Pokemon Go, it’s clear many are willing to break a few rules to get rid of this “grind” challenge.

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