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    Upcoming Nintendo Switch Games And Accessories For July And August 2023

    The summer’s usually a quieter time for new releases as we await the holiday season rush (Nintendo’s October and November are already taken care of), but that means for now, we can really concentrate on quality over quantity.

    We’ve been busy rounding up our usual selection of games headed to retail in the coming weeks, including some highlights picked by us as well as lots of other games and accessories that are launching soon. Pikmin 4‘s certainly the standout this month, but have a browse through and see if anything takes your fancy:

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    Ok, yes, technically this one isn’t launching in July or August, but considering it only launched today we felt it still deserved to get a quick mention. Everybody 1-2-Switch! is the sequel to 1-2-Switch that we never would have expected, introducing a second helping of party madness to Nintendo’s current system. The good news here is that for a first-party Nintendo release, it’s pretty cheap! You can grab a copy below:

    Everybody 1-2 Switch!

    Nintendo’s next major release is headed our way on 21st July – yes, Pikmin 4 is finally a real thing that is actually happening!

    Fans of the series will know what to expect here – you’ll be growing, plucking, throwing, and commanding your little Pikmin pals as you travel across a brand new world to solve puzzles and explore. This time, though, you’re also joined by Oatchi the space dog who can smash obstacles, transport heavy objects and carry Pikmin on his back. Pikmin + cute doggo? Yes please.

    More pre-order options are available here.

    Now here’s an intriguing one – a brand new Mickey & Friends adventure coming exclusive to Nintendo Switch on 28th July.

    Disney Illusion Island will have you playing as Mickey and friends as they set out on a quest to explore the mysterious island of Month and recover three mystical books to save the world from disaster. You’ll be unlocking special abilities, solving puzzles, mastering platforming sections and taking on boss fights as you discover “rich biomes, intriguing characters, and hidden secrets”. Oh, and you can play it solo or with friends in four-player co-op!

    Disney Illusion Island

    Dead Cells is being treated to another physical release in August, all thanks to its Return to Castlevania expansion. This new physical edition includes the base game, the new Return to Castlevania DLC, as well as the four large DLC packages that preceded it: Rise of the Giant, The Bad Seed, Fatal Falls and The Queen and the Sea. And the good news? All of this is on the cartridge with no additional downloads.

    Dead Cells: Return to Castlevania Edition

    More Upcoming Switch Games For July And August 2023

    As well as the highlighted games above, there are plenty of Switch retail games that could pique your interest over the coming weeks…

    New Accessories For Your Switch

    And finally, below you’ll find a selection of Switch accessories coming up soon as well as our Switch buyer’s guides if you’re looking for anything in particular.

    Remember you can also buy your Switch eShop credit and games from the Nintendo Life store. Purchases made on our store help to support the site, so thank you in advance!



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