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    The Bachelor 2024: Joey Graziadei gives first impression rose to early fan-favourite

    The Bachelor season 28 teaser

    The Bachelor returned on Monday (22 January), with former Bachelorette contestant Joey Graziadei returning for his second chance at love.

    Joey was announced as the next Bachelor during The Bachelorette’s season 20 finale, where he finished in second place.

    Season 28 welcomed back host Jesse Palmer, who took over from Chris Harrison in 2021 after he was fired due to controversial comments he made in an Extra interview.

    The new season – which saw 32 women entering the Bachelor mansion, all competing for roses and, ultimately, Joey’s heart – comes off the heels of the wildly successful Golden Bachelor spin-off. In that series, the franchises’ first septuagenarian, Gerry Turner, found his second chance at love with his new wife Theresa Nist. The two recently tied the knot on live television.

    US viewers will be able to tune into the new episodes of The Bachelor on Mondays on ABC at 5pm PT/8pm ET.


    Great summary. If you know, you know. If you missed the live broadcast of The Bachelor season 28 premiere, US viewers can watch it on Hulu on Tuesday.

    Inga Parkel23 January 2024 07:00


    Looks like we weren’t the only ones confused by the blurring of the Canadian flag.

    Inga Parkel23 January 2024 06:00


    Some of the best limousine entrances

    This season’s contestants were quite lowkey in their entrances. Some women, however, decided to go all-out.

    Jenn, 25, skidded in in a go-kart.

    Daisy, 25, drove up in a Christmas tree truck.

    Erika, 25, and Joey shared their first dance after she arrived with a boom box and some tunes.

    Tom Murray23 January 2024 05:00


    The Bachelor sister contestants explain decision to keep their relationship secret

    Philadelphia natives Lauren, 28, and Allison, 26, made their entrances during the premiere episode, which aired on Monday (22 January), directly telling the cameras that they’ll be keeping their relationship a secret from Joey and the other contestants for at least a little while.

    Although, their secret didn’t last long, as they spillt the beans in the second hour of the premiere.

    Allison and Lauren on ‘The Bachelor’


    The Bachelor sister contestants explain decision to keep their relationship secret

    This is not the first time that sisters Allison and Lauren have dated the same man

    Inga Parkel23 January 2024 04:00


    Who is Daisy, the early Bachelor fan-favourite?

    25-year-old Daisy is from Becker, Minnesota. Having grown up in a big, loving family with parents whose 30-plus-year marriage has been the blueprint for the kind of love she’s looking for, the account executive is ready to find a man who’s loyal, adventurous and family-oriented.

    During the premiere episode, viewers learnt that Daisy lost a majority of her hearing and recently received a cochlear implant a couple of years ago.

    She drove up in a pick-up truck with a Christmas tree in the boot, a reference to her childhood growing up on a Christmas tree farm.

    Tom Murray23 January 2024 03:30


    Fans are already predicting a winner!

    Along with their own favourites, fans are already predicting a season 28 winner: 25-year-old Daisy from Becker, Minnesota.

    Joey and Daisy kissing on ‘The Bachelor’


    Inga Parkel23 January 2024 03:14


    Fans list early favourites following season 28 premiere

    Following the season 28 premiere, fans are voicing who left good and bad impressions.

    Here’s who people are listing as their favourites so far:

    Inga Parkel23 January 2024 03:09


    And in a nail-biting episode finale, Lauren, the older sister of Allison is given the final rose of the night.

    It’s time to say goodbye to Chandler, Zoe, Kyra, Kayla, Lanie, Nat, Sam, Samantha, Sandra and Talyah.

    If you need a quick refresher on who those 10 are, read more here:

    Joey Graziadei and the cast of ‘The Bachelor’


    This instalment of ABC’s hugely popular reality dating series saw 32 women enter the mansion for the heart of one man

    Inga Parkel23 January 2024 03:04


    According to reports, 10 women will be eliminated tonight.

    Inga Parkel23 January 2024 02:49


    Here comes the eliminations

    Joey’s handing out the first roses. Let’s see who will be eliminated…

    Inga Parkel23 January 2024 02:48



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