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    Amid rumours around Taapsee Pannu’s wedding with Mathias Boe, here’s a look at her lifestyle, mansions, net worth, and other assets – Lifestyle News

    Renowned for her versatility and acclaimed performances, Taapsee Pannu stands as a prominent figure in contemporary cinema. With a repertoire spanning various languages including Hindi and regional films, she has etched her name with stellar roles in movies like Thappad, Badla, and Game Over, among others. Beyond acting, Pannu has delved into production, launching her own company last year. Over the years, she has curated a lavish lifestyle, marked by valuable assets and entrepreneurial ventures contributing to her affluent status.

    Amid speculations around her marriage with Mathias Boe, here’s a look at her lifestyle, journey, assets, net worth, and more:

    Pannu Pind – A Luxurious Haven in Mumbai

    Crafted by Pannu and her sister Shagun, “Pannu Pind” exudes an amalgamation of vintage allure and modern aesthetics. Situated in Mumbai’s Andheri, this plush 3-BHK residence bears witness to intricate details reflecting Pannu’s distinctive taste. Adorned with tribal prints, a custom Maharaja-style bed, and unique decor accents, the house is a testament to her personality, costing a staggering Rs 10 crore.

    Extravagant Automobile Collection

    Pannu’s garage boasts a fleet of high-end cars, a spectacle often captured by paparazzi. Among her prized possessions are the Mercedes GLE 250D, Jeep Compass, BMW 3-Series GT, BMW X1, and Audi A8L, collectively valued at millions.

    Outsiders Films: Her Brainchild in Production

    Venturing into production, Pannu established Outsiders Films in collaboration with industry veteran Pranjal Khandhdiya. With a portfolio encompassing acclaimed titles like Super 30 and Piku, this venture adds a new dimension to her career trajectory.

    Diverse Revenue Streams

    Apart from acting and production, Pannu diversifies her income through brand endorsements, commanding a fee of 35 to 40 lakh per endorsement. Additionally, her remuneration for film roles, such as the thriller Looop Lapeta, underscores her financial prowess.

    Investments and Sporting Passion

    Beyond the realm of entertainment, Pannu demonstrates her entrepreneurial acumen by owning the Pune Seven Aces team in the Premier Badminton League. Her involvement in sports reflects her multifaceted interests and strategic investments.

    Net Worth: A Testament to Success

    With an estimated annual income of Rs 4 crore, Pannu’s opulent lifestyle aligns with her estimated net worth of $6 million (Rs 46 crore). Times Now’s assessment encapsulates the culmination of her achievements and financial stature in the industry.



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