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    “I Hate Working Out”: Max Verstappen Disses Lewis Hamilton’s Lifestyle to Express Dispassion for Gymming

    While the casual observer might brush off F1 as a physically undemanding sport owing to the fact that drivers are merely in a seated position, those who delve deeper recognize its status as one of the world’s most mentally and physically strenuous competitions. Nevertheless, this demanding nature fosters a distinct approach to physical upkeep involving intense gym workouts. However, it’s important to note that innate abilities aren’t necessarily cultivated solely through weightlifting in the gym. This perspective seems to underlie double champion Max Verstappen’s critique of Lewis Hamilton‘s dedication to spending as many as six hours a day in the gym.

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    While many Formula 1 drivers dedicated their Summer break to intense sporting activities, Max Verstappen chose a different path, opting for partying in Martin Garrix’s DJ booth and embracing adventure by lounging on a floating sunbed in the sea. The apparent ease of his actions might leave the Briton wondering whether clinching two championships and securing nine consecutive wins transpires with comparable ease.

    Max Verstappen’s gym story undermines Lewis Hamilton’s intense workout dedication


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    Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton exhibit contrasting personas. While one is fiery on the track, the other exudes tranquility. Yet, transcending to the echelons of elite racing necessitates unwavering physical prowess. Hamilton, at 38, embraces an arduous routine, encompassing Pilates, sprints, deadlifts, and crunches. Conversely, during a relaxed moment on TAG Heuer’s Monaco yacht, Max Verstappen conveyed his distinct approach.

    Speaking to GQ magazine, he subtly criticized Hamilton’s fervent dedication to intense gym sessions while narrating his own approach. He said, To be honest, in general, I hate working out.” He continues by describing his daily schedule, “Most mornings, I wake up, then just walk to the balcony and do all my stuff. Because of all the work we do in the car, we don’t really need a lot of weight.”

    Though Hamilton is often seen showcasing his six packs and biceps, Verstappen believes bodybuilding isn’t required in F1, “It’s not about bodybuilding, because we are weight-restricted so we can’t really build up a lot of muscle mass. I have to find a bit of a middle way between a lot of cardio and then a bit of weight lifting, but mainly for me it’s about doing more repetitions of the same exercises. So I use my own body weight with those. And that’s basically that.”

    While gymming might not be the Red Bull star’s preferred pursuit, what might be the thing that brings him immense joy? Is it indulging in his favorite cuisine, engaging in sim racing, or another passion altogether?

    Where does Max Verstappen’s happy moments lie?


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    Max Verstappen entered the scene in 2015, a mere 17-year-old rookie. Naturally, his path to success involved substantial sacrifices which he surely would’ve made. Though in which physical training remains a significant part. However, the driving factor for all racers is the pursuit of victory. And it’s precisely in these triumphs that the Dutchman discovers his happiest moments.

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    Winner of 46 Grand Prix races, Max Verstappen expressed a few months ago while speaking to CNN, “It’s what you want to do, what you want to achieve. This is why I love the sport. I love, of course, driving to the limit, but I love winning. I like to be in front. I like to be in front of everyone else, and that’s what I enjoy the most.”


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    Given Verstappen’s record-breaking feats, do you envision Max Verstappen prolonging his tenure in the sport?



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