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    Michael Mosley urges people to make simple lifestyle change to lose weight and help avoid dementia

    Dr Michael Mosley is always urging people to make changes to their lifestyles to live better, and longer lives – and this change encourages you to go to sleep earlier

    Dr Mosley has encouraged people to get more beauty sleep (Plum Pictures / Channel 4)

    We could probably all benefit from some sort of lifestyle change.

    Whether it’s more exercise that needs to be incorporated into your life or a more balanced diet, if we manage to make the changes, they can have a wealth of benefits. Dr Michael Mosley, who popularised the Fast 800 diet, has told people they should do one thing to help stop weight gain, improve heart health and even help avoid dementia.

    Speaking on his Just One Thing BBC Podcast, Dr Mosley claimed that going to bed an hour earlier can have a wealth of health benefits, as being sleep-deprived can have such a negative impact on us.

    Not only that, but it can also reduce your risk of suffering from depression. He shared that he is normally in bed early, at 10pm, and he used to assume that made him a “social bore” – but after learning all the benefits, it makes total sense. He said: “I’ve been encouraged to learn that an early night sleep is good for the heart, good for the mood and may even help ward off dementia.”

    Dr Mosley spoke of studies that have shown people who go to bed earlier have fewer negative thoughts than those who go to bed later. He shared: “A recent study of over 800,000 people by researchers from Harvard University found your risk of depression is linked to the timing of your sleep midpoint that is halfway between your bedtime and wake time.

    “Based on this, they conclude that if someone who normally goes to bed at 1am were to go to bed an hour earlier, they could reduce their risk of depression by 23%. Theoretically, at least two hours earlier could reduce it by a whopping 40%. Why? Well, one suggestion is that by shifting your bedtime earlier, you’re getting extra light in the morning, prompting your body to release more feel-good hormones and helping reset your circadian clock.”

    When it comes to heart health, too, sleep is vital. Dr Mosley shared: “A recent study, which analysed the sleeping habits of more than 100,000 Brits, found those who went to bed between 10pm and 11pm were 25% less likely to develop heart disease over a five year period than those who went to sleep at midnight or later.” Studies have also started to show that weight regulation could be helped by sleep too.

    According to the NHS the average adult needs between seven and nine hours sleep. If you’re struggling to sleep, the health body recommends changing your sleeping habits, for example by going to bed at the same time every day, and relaxing at least an hour before bed.



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