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    Helldivers 2’s next Major Order just suffered a lethal setback, and High Command blames “diverted” bugdivers and creekers for the loss

    Helldivers 2’s ongoing Major Order has tasked the community with liberating Tibit before the weekend is done, but the war effort on the Galactic West just suffered a fatal setback and High Command is blaming distracted divers for the loss.

    Helldivers 2 players managed to make strong progress in their efforts to liberate the western theater against the Automatons, but a surprise twist from Game Master Joel made players choose between defending planet Draupnir or quickly liberating Ubanea. Helldivers couldn’t quite mobilize in time, though, and have since lost access to Ubanea, which would have been Super Earth’s stepping stone to reach its Major Order goal: Tibit. 



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