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    How To Easily Keep The Hoverboard Skimmer In ‘Destiny 2’

    Destiny 2’s Guardian Games may be something of a mess, as it usually is, but there is one surprising new prize to earn from the event, a hoverboard called a Skimmer which is the game’s first new vehicle type ever, and can skim you right through multiple raid and dungeons encounters. Whee!

    However, there’s a catch. You can get Destiny 2’s Skimmer for free practically right when you log in for Guardian Games, but in order to keep it when the event ends, you have a quest. A pretty annoying quest, if you ask me. Yes, you are instructed how to do this with objectives, but I want to talk about how to do this in the least frustrating way possible. You only have to do one of these steps, and there’s some debate about the easiest way to do so. It sort of depends. So, here we go:

    Medallion Score

    You need 1,200 points here and if you’re just running Guardian Games events or getting Gold or even Platinum medals, it’s going to take a zillion activities. However, you can earn an easy Diamond medal, which is 300 points by itself, by linking your Bungie and Twitch accounts (which you can do here) and watching any Destiny stream for two total hours in a week, even if it’s just playing in the background. Three weeks, and that’s 900 out of 1200 points just from that, and you just fill in the blanks for the rest of them.

    Earn A Top 10% Score In Nightfall Challenges

    This is a weird one. It’s either super easy or close to impossible, depending on a few things. The best thing to do is run the Nightfall immediately after reset, because then the score threshold will be the lowest to sneak into the top 10%. The more you wait, the higher that threshold becomes as more and more people run it and squeeze points out of it. So later in the week it’s going to be enormously annoying, as I’ve discovered.

    The most common way to amass points is a Guardian Games-specific point-grabber to emote in front of a Champion and then finish them. The problem is if you’re running with randoms, they may not know or care to do this, so you may want to find a fireteam online that is specifically going for score. Another way to up score is spamming supers often, which is easy given just how much regen you are given from Guardian Games boosts. In theory, this is one that can get you the Skimmer in 10-20 minutes total if you get that 10% score right away.

    Open Your Focus Winner Packages

    This is the least-explained one. There is a node at the top of the Tower map (I can’t even see it at first on PC unless I scroll up) that shows you when a featured activity is happening. Then, once it’s live, you can play it and if your class gets the most points during the period, a winner’s package will pop up in your inventory, which contains a full case of medals.

    However, as often happens, because of player population Hunters are dominating almost all of these, so the preferred method here is log in as a Hunter, play one of the activities, and inevitably collect your winner package in three different sessions. Also easy.

    I do not find any of these particularly compelling, but we do what we must to get hoverboards.

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