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    How to keep your lifestyle healthy to avoid Arthritis

    Arthritis can be of many types, some diseases are autoimmune in nature and some are age related. Depending on the exact cause, arthritis can be treated with medications.

    However a healthy lifestyle is extremely important in controlling arthritis. Exercise has been proven by research studies to decrease inflammation in the joints and strengthen bones and muscles which can go a long way in controlling the disease. It also prevents further bone loss and damage in patients with osteoporosis. The form and type of exercise can vary depending upon the age and functional capacity of each individual patient.

    Diet is another important factor. An overall balanced diet is essential which contains fresh fruits and vegetables and is low in saturated fats and processed food. It is essential that body weight be maintained to a healthy standard to avoid complications such as diabetes, hypertension and obesity. Many patients believe that sour foods worsen their arthritis symptoms, however this is not proven in any research studies. Patients suffering from Gout must control their dietary purine intake such as meat, shellfish, alcohol and certain vegetables such as spinach, mushrooms.

    All arthritis patients must avoid any form of tobacco, such as smoking or chewing. This is again proven to worsen arthritis and prevents medications from working optimally. Alcohol intake in excess must also be avoided. But of foremost importance is to take medicines on time and check your blood tests regularly.



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